Think of the most fun you could have, if you were a youngish SF writer with a couple of books under your belt in the mid-1980s.

Imagine that out of the blue you get a call from your editor to go down and meet some people who are putting together a 65 episode animation series for tv. Not only that but it's titled "the Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers" and is ostensibly a kind of "western" themed SF series.


That was how the Galaxy Rangers, Zach, Goose, Nico and Doc, came into my life in the fall of 1985. I met up with Robert Mandel and the rest of the crew he'd assembled in a loft space in downtown Manhattan and it was love at first sight. They had a fairly good outline for the show's characters and the time it was set in, 2086 AD and my first job was to flesh it out a bit. Then, before I could get my breath back it was time to starting writing episodes, calling in friends to write more episodes and editing other eps as they were written. Everything was moving at a frantic pace, and for the next six months it continued that way.


65 episodes long, starring four altered and enhanced human beings who have received Series 5 Implants. Each of the main characters has unique abilities, lead by Shane Gooseman, "Goose" who came out of a genetic program designed to produce superior combat "super troopers". In Command of the unit is Zachary Foxx who has a biomechanical arm that can fire "power blasts". Then there's Nico, who has psi powers in addition to her fighting ability. Finally there's Doc, the hacker of the group who is a master of all computers everywhere.

Additional characters included the friendly alien Zozo from planet Kirwin, a member of the Kiwi race, and Waldo, the superior Andorian representative to Earth. It was the Andorians who brought the advanced space going technology that allowed Earth to ready itself to fight off the attacks of the alien Queen with her space going armadas and armies of slaves controlled by psychocrystals.